History, helos and heritage…we’ve got it all!

Witness the inspiration of trailblazers

Learn the history and legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen – America’s first African American military pilots – and the obstacles they overcame to fly and fight for their country during World War II. We are proud to host the CAF Red Tail Squadron’s RISE ABOVE traveling exhibit. This mobile movie theater features a dynamic 160-degree panoramic screen, which creates the feeling of being in the cockpit of a Red Tail P-51C Mustang. Then step outside and see the real thing both on the ground and in the air. Both the aircraft and the exhibit represent an important period in our nation’s country. We promise you’ll be inspired.

Soar with Sky Soldiers

Another key period in our country’s aviation history is the Vietnam War and no one does a better job representing that at air shows than the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation Sky Soldier team. The Sky Soldiers are again bringing their Vietnam-era AH-1 Cobra and UH-1 Huey helicopters to the Spirit of St. Louis Air Show & STEM Expo. Attendees can purchase flights in both. Find out more at armyav.org/rides-programs. Certain age, health and weight restrictions may apply.

Special appearance…Special Kay!

We’re pleased to announce a new participant at our September air show, the recently restored Douglas A-26K Invader known as “Special Kay.” This World War II-era aircraft, put back in the air by the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, was best known for its service as a counterinsurgency, special operations and ground-attack aircraft in the Vietnam War. Be sure to get an up-close look at this rare, historic and beautiful aircraft.